The Social Marketplace

I did not grow up in the social media world. Truth is, the internet didn’t exist when I was growing up. However, I have setup my Facebook account, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and even a YouTube channel. I have watched people strive to go viral. Create random posts, create posts that portray the image of their life that they want people to see. However with all of this “connection”, suicide rates are at the highest on record (CDC Mortality Rates).

With all of these tools, we have the perception of connection. We don’t really connect. We compete for followers, for likes, and then judge others for not having enough. We have created a social marketplace for popularity. Not for information, not for friends or connections, but for popularity. But what are we really gaining? We created a sense of FOMO (which only became a term when social media began). We create fear or rejection, not being enough, and so much more.

Marketing preys on the social media world by showing them amazing things they think they need. A great example of this is the Fyre Festival, you can research that yourself.

Now, I’m a big fan of communication and interacting with others. I love hearing other’s opinions and love open discussions. I also believe that complaining about a problem with an attempt of a solution, you are simply whining.

Here is a thought of a solution: What if we had a social media platform where you can connect with people/friends/family but no one can see your connections. There are no likes, no followers, and no competition. You can search for friends but not friends of friends.

We have created a social marketplace that creates despair, jealousy, and everything that it wasn’t meant to be. We have lost manners, etiquette, and respect for one another by making comments behind the veil of anonymity without any recourse. I’m not worried about who reads this, or if anyone does, this is simply to share an opinion. The intent of what blogs were meant to me. Not a full-time job, not a manipulative platform to sell products, simply a way to share information.

Stop comparing yourself, stop competing, and think of your posts and comments before you post. Simply wake up and be aware of how you may be affecting others.

They always say be yourself, but what I’m seeing is most people don’t want to be themselves, they want to be the most popular, the most famous, or the most… something. If you are yourself, then no one can compete with you. No one else can be a better you than you… NO ONE. Now go be yourself and say hi to someone with no expectations.

A fun loving developer who likes to write about, talk about, and teach tech solutions, and help others succeed!

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